Circus for all who want to remember how much fun it is to be upside down.


AERIAL Dance: COCOON, Silks and Trapeze

Aerial Cocoon for Children

I am a believer that the moves are only as interesting as the person doing them. I teach my students to acquire a strong base of traditional circus training, along side learning how to find an emotional and creative connection. My training with the Moscow State Circus and the National Center for Circus Arts in London has given me a foundation is the traditions of training.  After that, I am interested to see the person in the moves.  I work to build in personal and emotional expression with any apparatus that I teach, bringing story and life into the moves. Daring to fly is stepping into your dreams, the beauty of it is the personal expression. Any level is welcome, and kids LOVE it. A new calendar is coming this September with different places I am teaching. Click here for booking and more details.


 Three person acro-balance move, The Dragon

Three person acro-balance move, The Dragon

This practice is called acro-balance, hand to hand, or Acro-Yoga, depending on which context you have experienced it in.  They are all very similar, only that the Acro-Yoga also has a focus on the stretching and wellbeing of the practitioners, less then the presentation.  This practice is pure joy! It brings a creative way to engage with a partner, and with your relationship to gravity. A basic amount of core strength and body awareness makes many moves accessible.  I will start teaching this in September as part of my yoga series. Stay tuned. Click Here for more details and how to book. 

WALL RUNNING/Vertical Dance

This workshop is ideal for fitness fanatics who want to try something new and dancers/performers who would like to take flight. While working your core strength, spatial awareness and bravery, wall running is also a thrilling new experience.  A great way to test your limits.  Two hour class, equipment provided, comfortable clothing, minimum 4 people, location dependent. Click here for details and bookings.