A small selection of my direction, choreography and in some cases performance.

All these fantastic photos by Maximillion Webster

Inhabit - Dance Theatre

Ritual, rhythm and routine in daily life; five performers use story, text and movement to give you an intriguing glimpse into their lives. 




Flood - Dance Ritual

Five dancers travel through a journey of haitian vodou possession, when the notorious Baron Samedi interrupts for his own devises.




Insideout - Dance

Falling out of the complacency of innocence, these strange creatures discover their powerful response to the external world.  Using strong predatory dance and mimetic composition, the three of them explore the cruel depths or even more fearful shallowness of loss.


Photo by Maximillion Webster

The Unforgettable Tale of Dr. Desmond and Daisy Lace

The UNFORGETTABLE tale of Dr. Desmond and daisy lace - AERIAL Cabaret

Follow the emotional battle of a monstrous ghoul as he attempts to possess his love in a forced, awkward duet. Leering and puppeteering, he struggles to control her aerial antics and flies into a jealous rage. The result has unexpected consequences...


Running With the Sun

Running with the Sun - Aerial Performance

Together with Follow The Faun's shamagical, ecstatic, interactive dance adventure, Jack Weir's projections and highly acrobatic wall running Running with the Sun takes us on the most spectacular intergalatical dance adventure which promises to move your body, blow your mind and open your heart.