Researching how we are connecting and our incredible potential of self organisation through movement and play... 

Starting in performance and performance training, I have I have been developing a movement method over the last 10 years.  Influenced by my studies of biology, neurology, group dynamics, leadership, and personal development, I have gathered various approaches to deliver this work. By sharing this method through drama schools, company leadership and development programs, youth groups, addiction groups and autistic support groups, I have understood that the work is relevant on many different levels of human development.  Currently, I am taking this research deeper by finding parellels in other models, like flocking birds, technical developments in the Internet of Things and group theory in the psycology world.  The research is being conduced through a few different methods. I am delivering the work to various groups and gathering written or vocal feedback, reading and gathering articles and finally conducting interviews.  The format of cullmination of the research is currently undecided. The working title is Collective Improvised Movement.  

Empathy and Human Connection

This talk spans the micro to the macro in human existence.  Who do we connect to, how can we develop our connections consciously to help transform the world to a more connected existence.  Please click here for further discussion.


 diversity in unity

diversity in unity

Self in group

This talk examines the phenomonum of 'group think' as an imbalance, and integrity of self in group as a proposal of balance.  These concepts apply to all levels of groups, ranging from national identity to children in the class room.  The gathered observations from animal groups and physical movement help unpick a unique and directly applicable understanding of extremely successful group functioning.  If you would like to discuss this further with me please click here.